Woman in a lab coat smiling while holding a paper, two students talk behind her


  • 83 %
    of GC graduates finish in four years
  • 92 %
    of 2019 graduates seeking jobs were employed within one year after graduation
  • 74,211 $
    average salary of GC graduates 10 years after graduation

专业 & 未成年人


  • group cutting onions in Senegal village
  • 学生们在湖面上划独木舟
  • Three students wearing purple gloves working together in a lab
Math students with professor looking at equations on sidewalks


  • 梅里利亚的航拍照片
  • Choir performance in Sauder Concert Hall with Christmas decorations
  • 歌申书院图书馆
  • 3 #
    Ranking for accounting graduates for the CPA exam pass rate in Indiana
  • 92 %
    first-time NCLEX pass rate for nursing graduates
  • 92 %
    acceptance rate for students who applied to medicial school


  • Woman in a fuchsia long sleeve shirt smiling while tearing open a bag of 'Boom Chicka Pop' popcorn
  • Man in a black jacket with a light purple shirt smiling